Fiber Fast Homes Enhances MyBundle Streaming Platform to Give Subscribers More Choices at a Better Price Than Cable

May 3, 2024

‘Streaming Choice’ Feature Introduced as Part of Enhanced Central Platform for Managing Multiple Streaming Services for Residents

Fiber Fast Homes announced that it has enhanced its content streaming services collaborating with long-time partner MyBundle, the premier online platform for simplifying streaming services. Fiber Fast Homes has offered MyBundle services since mid-2022 as part of its white glove services to deliver more streaming choices in an easier to use, customizable TV guide for residents with the goal of making fiber to the home Internet services more appealing.
Among the most recent significant enhancements to the MyBundle service is Streaming Choice, which allows residential customers to earn steaming credits as part of Fiber Fast Homes higher speed broadband bundles. The credits can be used to pay for Internet service charges or for users to apply to streaming subscription costs.
“We’ve had a great partnership with MyBundle and these enhanced offerings are designed to deliver against our dedication to our customers to make working with us as seamless and easy as possible,” Scott Sampson, CEO of Fiber Fast Homes said. “It is a big part of our white-glove Concierge services that truly differentiates us from the competition, particularly cable television.”
“As we continue to improve our service to make streaming easier and more appealing to residents, understanding how we can help a partner such as Fiber Fast Homes uptick the overall customer experience is important,” said Jason Cohen, CEO and co-founder of MyBundle. “We’ve listened and are now delivering more to make the overall Fiber Fast Homes Internet solution extremely appealing and more competitive.”
There are three key elements to the Fiber Fast Homes streaming service with MyBundle:
  • Streaming Marketplace — Marketplace lists and provides information on all of Fiber Fast Homes available streaming apps, including such services as Apple TV+, Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, Starz, Prime Video and many more that a resident can eventually choose to bundle.
  • Find My Bundle – Through a short questionnaire on the Fiber Fast Homes website, a residential customer can tell the provider what he/she likes to watch and the platform will bundle a customized service offering that can be adjusted by content selection, speed and/or price to deliver what’s right for the user.
  • Concierge Service — Fiber Fast Homes’ Concierge Service can help a residential customer decide what streaming devices and services are best for their family, all based on their unique TV-watching needs. It is as simple as requesting an appointment with a Fiber Fast Homes Concierge and working directly with a Concierge to customize and set up the service.
According to Sampson and Cohen, there are number of benefits to the MyBundle service that Fiber Fast Homes offers:
  • Simplifies access – Fiber Fast Homes, working with MyBundle, simplifies access to streaming channels while offering the optimal performance of high-speed fiber Internet to still deliver the television programming users like. As Sampson said, “We’re all about making life easier for end-users, not just online but also in choosing their TV packages.”
  • Streamlines streaming subscriptions – With the proliferation of streaming services, keeping tabs on what one is subscribed to can be a maze — multiple bills and multiple logins can be very perplexing. By teaming up with MyBundle, Fiber Fast Homes offers a game-changer — one simple bill that consolidates all Internet and streaming services. Cohen explained, “No more juggling different carriers for various subscriptions. It’s all neat and tidy in one place for easy access and lets users stay on top of subscriptions and keeping costs in check.”
  • Debunks the streaming myth – It is a streaming myth that a user only gets streaming content such as Netflix and does not have access to live local programming or national broadcasting network shows. Another level of simplification of services is provided with the MyBundle app, along with the Fiber Fast Homes Concierge service. “Our goal is for residential customers to get as good as or even better content than cable with the highest-speed Internet available to deliver the highest quality streaming possible,” Sampson explained.
Both Cohen and Sampson want to show the value streaming and content services bring to the overall fiber Internet service solution and are working hard together to eliminate past shortcomings and myths to deliver a seamless central platform that enhances the fiber service. “Let’s face it, cable has made it easy to access its programming, but has struggled to deliver easy-to-use streaming services,” they said. “We are giving residential users the opportunity to ‘cut the cable” and be confident they will get the same if not better content as before.”

About Fiber Fast Homes

Fiber Fast Homes is a fiber to the home Internet service provider that partners with developers and builders to provide fiber Internet at Gig speeds. Fiber Fast Homes offers service to new home and build-to-rent communities across the country. They take pride in the high quality of customer service they provide to both their partners and their community residents. Fiber Fast Homes is a subsidiary of Boston Omaha Corporation (NYSE:BOC).

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