Fiber Fast Homes Offers HomePass WiFi to all Customers

Sep 13, 2021

JACKSONVILLE, Flo. – Fiber Fast Homes today announced that they will offer complimentary HomePass WiFi systems to all customers.

HomePass is a self-optimizing WiFi system that provides reliable connection in every inch of a user’s home.

With HomePass, users receive unparalleled controls over their guests’ and family’s access to the internet. AI Security provides protection for all the users’ devices as it continuously monitors them for suspicious activity.

“Offering state of the art WiFi systems from HomePass for free to all customers is another way we are bringing the “service” back to customer service at Fiber Fast Homes”, says Scott Sampson, CEO of Fiber Fast Homes. “We’ve gotten great feedback from our customers that the HomePass system creates a home WiFi experience that goes way above and beyond typical home WiFi systems.”

About Fiber Fast Homes

Fiber Fast Homes is a fiber to the home Internet service provider that partners with developers and builders to provide fiber Internet at Gig speeds. Fiber Fast Homes offers service to new home and build-to-rent communities across the country. They take pride in the high quality of customer service they provide to both their partners and their community residents. Fiber Fast Homes is a subsidiary of Boston Omaha Corporation (NYSE:BOC).

For more information, please reach out to:
Kate Moore Director of Marketing, Fiber Fast Homes