Fiber internet provider partners with streaming marketplace to help customers cut the cable cord

Jun 13, 2022

Fiber Fast Homes, a fiber internet provider for new home and build-to-rent communities, is providing a better customer service experience for homebuyers and residents through their partnership with MyBundle.TV, a Florida-based streaming platform marketplace.

“People are cutting the cable cord and choosing to stream their entertainment” says Scott Sampson, President/CEO of Fiber Fast Homes. “Through our partnership with MyBundle.TV we are able to help our customers take a look at their streaming needs, consolidate their options, and often times save money.”

“A streaming package selected using MyBundle.TV gives customers the entertainment they want at the most cost-effective price,” says Jason Cohen, cofounder, and CEO of MyBundle.TV who saw an urgent need for such a service while working for a business investment firm in 2019. “Additionally, our personalized streaming TV guide simplifies content discovery from multiple streaming services into one central platform.”

“A new homebuyer or resident interested in ditching traditional cable for streaming face hours of research making sure they can access their favorite channels,” says Cohen. “In a few minutes of using MyBundle.TV, we figure out the streaming services right for your needs,” he adds.

Fiber Fast Homes’ partnership with MyBundle.TV is one of many “white glove” services they provide to homeowners which increases the new build community’s desirability. With entertainment, smart-home features, and increased bandwidth demand that new homes have, getting timely internet right from the moment you move in is hugely important to buyers. Fiber Fast Homes white glove service helps builders win new customers.

MyBundle.TV sifts through 150 streaming services to put together a package that fits their user’s preference based on their specific needs. When homebuyers make their selections, MyBundle.TV offers a choice of three options that maximize channel preferences, while letting the user see exactly what different services cost, to make up the most cost-effective streaming package.


About Fiber Fast Homes

Fiber Fast Homes is a fiber to the home Internet service provider that partners with developers and builders to provide fiber Internet at Gig speeds. Fiber Fast Homes offers service to new home and build-to-rent communities across the country. They take pride in the high quality of customer service they provide to both their partners and their community residents. Fiber Fast Homes is a subsidiary of Boston Omaha Corporation (NYSE:BOC).

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