Scott Sampson, CEO of Fiber Fast Homes on the Broadband Ripple podcast

Jul 27, 2023

Overviews Fiber Fast Homes and Its Approach to Working with Developers, Builders

“I’ve said many times that we really don’t sell Internet service,” Sampson stresses on the podcast. “We sell customer service to our developer and builder partners as well as the homeowner. We will be there before residents move in so they have Internet service on day one. That’s why we are different. Customer service is our highest priority.”

In the beginning of the 20-minute podcast, Moderator and Broadband Communities Editor-in-Chief Sean Buckley asks Sampson to give an overview of Fiber Fast Homes. According to Sampson, the company was started by Boston Omaha Corp., a public holding company focused on broadband solutions around the United States.

Sampson explains on the podcast that Fiber Fast Homes prides itself on customer service and always striving to offer the latest technology for the best Internet service possible.

“Customers need to stop just accepting poor service and support,” he explains on the podcast. “We need to ask for better, and that’s what we are trying to do as a company – give customers what they deserve before they have to ask for it.” As an example, he cites Fiber Fast Homes exclusive Concierge Service, which is designed to help customers get their fiber Internet up and running and help with any aspect of the service along the way.

Sampson also discusses with Buckley the potential for new technologies being introduced to the market and where he sees the market heading. “We’re always looking at how to be on the cutting edge,” Sampson comments during the podcast. “You don’t want to always be first to the market because then you take on all the risks, but we definitely want to look at how to be out there and be ready to give our customers the latest and greatest technology possible.”

As he closes the podcast, Sampson tried to help the audience put the Internet in perspective and elaborate on the potential it holds. “The Internet is really still early stage,” he says. “It is just like a teenager — a little confused right now, but will get better tomorrow and will eventually come into his/her own. With our model based on outstanding customer service and the latest technology, we’ll be there to help the Internet along the way.”

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About Fiber Fast Homes

Fiber Fast Homes is a fiber to the home Internet service provider that partners with developers and builders to provide fiber Internet at Gig speeds. Fiber Fast Homes offers service to new home and build-to-rent communities across the country. They take pride in the high quality of customer service they provide to both their partners and their community residents. Fiber Fast Homes is a subsidiary of Boston Omaha Corporation (NYSE:BOC).

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